Activision Wants Nintendo To Be Successful With Wii U

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Despite still not confirming whether Call of Duty: Ghosts will be coming to Wii U, Activision still says that it wants the Wii U to be a success for Nintendo. Activision Publishing boss Eric Hirshberg says that the company scrutinises opportunities very carefully, and if they think the opportunity will pay off, then they devote their efforts to it. Hirshberg says that they want to see Nintendo be successful and will do anything they can to do to ensure this happens.

“I don’t think we’re slower to move; we’re a very choiceful company. We’re very choiceful in the number of titles we make. We scrutinize opportunities very carefully, and when we go into them we go big. And I think that’s been part of the formula for our success. We were there with a lot support for the Wii U at launch with a Call of Duty game, with a Skylanders game and with…

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